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Outside the Spotlight is an amazing resource for independent and up-and-coming directors. Their reviews demonstrate a genuine love and appreciation for the art of film. They published a thoughtful written review and created a custom poster for my film, 'Renegade,' in addition to expertly curated social media posts. It was an especially nice touch that I was told when the posts would go live. My experience with OTS has been nothing but pleasant, professional, and fastidious.

- Gabby Lee, director of RENEGADE

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Outside the Spotlight is a professional movie reviewing entertainment website. As the name suggests, OTS explores the world of independent films where big names bare little importance, focusing instead on boldness and originality. They watch the films carefully, analyse the storyline and weigh the performances in order to give an accurate and professional review. I highly recommend OTS to any filmmaker who wants feedback on a film.

- Marcel Dorian, director of INTROSPECTUM MOTEL

If you love film and filmmaking, Outside the Spotlight is for you. Not only do they expose or review films that are worth watching, they also review films made by you so others with the same passion can appreciate your work. They wrote up an amazing review for my own short 'Eighth Wonder', and made a custom poster for it. I couldn’t be happier with OTS and I look forward to seeing your film being featured here.

- Aiman Samat, director of EIGHTH WONDER


Outside the Spotlight always does their best to make sure the artist gets everything they can out of the collaboration. They reviewed two of my films: 'Undercover Bike Cop' and 'Forgotten Trash' and both times they've gone above and beyond to attract them to the masses. They are straight forward and easy to communicate with.

- Brandon Espana, director of FORGOTTEN TRASH and UNDERCOVER BIKE COP

Outside the Spotlight is a hub where filmmakers and film buffs come together on commonality. This channel provides reviews on films new and old. It also highlights films of independent filmmakers, like ourselves. Very happy being part of this culture!

- Daeil Kim and Melanie Sudyn, creators of RE-REHAB and WHITE DEMISE


Outside the Spotlight has offered me an opportunity to show off my work to a great network of filmmakers that are after new stories. The treatment received is marvelous and your film will be under understanding and professional hands. Absolutely beautiful having found this website. I hope to see more of them in the near future for the projects that are coming!

- Anabel Estrella, director of FELICES PARA SIEMPRE (HAPPILY EVER AFTER)

Outside the Spotlight has become a community for independent filmmakers. They wrote an incredibly thoughtful review of my feature film 'Hit Record', even allowing me to choose the stills they would share alongside it. Since being featured, I've been able to discover and connect with so many other up and coming artists and I'm constantly being inspired to continue work on future projects.

- Ethan Cvitanic, director of HIT RECORD

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Working with Outside the Spotlight has been a genuine bright spot in my ongoing efforts to market my romantic comedy, "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater" to the world. Their critics/reviewers are knowledgeable, literate, and insightful with their commentary, while remaining sympathetic to independent film makers – a rare find these days. OTS provides a valuable service that can easily serve any film maker's efforts to increase visibility and viewership to their project, while also being imminently quotable, which is perfect for advertising and marketing. Their fees are quite reasonable for what they provide, and I would recommend their services to anyone.


What makes Outside the Spotlight special is exactly what the title suggests - a site that focuses on the independent film & TV world. Their review of our series, 'The Hunter’s Anthology,' not only displayed a deep understanding of the show, but was also engaging, intuitive, and fair. Our experience was nothing but professional and positive; I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to discover the latest work of independent directors and filmmakers of all genres.


- Robert Smithline, director of THE HUNTER’S ANTHOLOGY

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It takes a special eye to bring true independent cinema into focus. Outside the Spotlight does just that by providing insightful, literate and, most importantly, honest reviews of independent films which can easily get lost in the noise. OTS then goes above and beyond by making those films more accessible to a broader audience through their social media channels. They are attentive, communicative and professional; I can’t recommend them enough.

- Adrian Leon, director of KIN DREAD

Outside the Spotlight is an excellent resource for independent filmmakers. They are responsive and invested in helping your film grow its audience. Their reviews and social media posts are intelligent and honest. I would highly recommend Outside the Spotlight to indie filmmakers and film lovers.


-James Schroeder, director of NICOLE

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As an Independent filmmaker, Outside the Spotlight is a fantastic resource to help promote and market your film. Their passion for Indie films is evident in the way they carefully craft their reviews and how they come alongside you as you promote your project. I can't recommend OTS enough for any filmmaker that is just starting out or looking to connect with other filmmakers that are on the same path. 

- Brent Lydic, director of SPIRIT QUEST

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