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WATCH: 'Eighth Wonder' (2020), a short action film by JKK Films

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

A woman suffering from cancer faces her ultimate chance at regaining back her life.

Outside the Spotlight says: Taking the "nothing to lose" idea to a new level, ‘Eighth Wonder’ deals with a cancer patient looking to go out with a bang, slam and wham in an attempt to take down a mysterious “sky creature” for a healthy reward in the really-not-so-distant 2021. The problem is that she’s not the only one who could use that sizable cash prize.

‘Eighth Wonder’ is a very pretty film to look at with its sleek throwback style but that “pretty” packs a falcon punch and broken bones. With a similar feel to South Korea’s ‘The Villainess’ (2017), the action hits hard and the camera work adds the fuel as every punch, kick, snap and splatter feels more brutal than the last.

The reveal of said “sky creature” is certainly an interesting one, adding a real sense of (eighth) wonder to this futuristic world and the credits accompanied by the song 'Don’t Ever Die' by Joy Ike, setting a bittersweet mood with a hint of melancholy but also a sense of freedom.

Watch Eighth Wonder below:


"The goal was to make a simple action film revolving around a cancer victim who finds a chance to regain back her life if she hunts down a wanted creature. I wanted to basically explore the emotion of finding someone else who suffers the same thing or worse than you and in that way, you somehow feel connected with them."

- Aiman Samat (Director)


Written and directed by Aiman Samat (Instagram)

VFX by Fiona Ho, Aiman Samat and Connie Ho


Fiona Ho (Instagram)

Austin Brook (Instagram)

Rachel Lynn David (Instagram)

Connie Ho (Instagram)

Johnny Jiang (Instagram)

Russel Kinscherff (Instagram)

Timothy McCarthy (voice) (Instagram)

Angelica Duardo (voice)

End credits song: 'Don't Ever Die' by Joy Ike

<Visit JKK Films and Aiman Samat>

[Custom poster designed and artworked by Outside the Spotlight]

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