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WATCH: 'Honour' (2020), a short action film by Under The Lens

Updated: May 21, 2021

When mercenaries are hired to kill his wife, our hero must reach into his dark past and take his revenge - though there is more to her murder than it seems, and our hero's past comes back to haunt him in more ways than one. Inspired by films like Logan, John Wick and Batman Begins, Honour is a classic revenge thriller with a ninja twist.

"Honour was the lovechild of myself and leading man, Mike Carr. Conceptualised and shot back in 2017, I was heavily inspired by the likes of Logan and John Wick, and wanted to make an old school revenge-action-thriller, featuring a mature, grizzled hero, forced back into a life he thought he’d left behind. Mike, being a martial artist and choreographer by trade, very much wanted to produce a ninja film, hoping to mix the violence and brutality of Ninja Assassin with the honour and secrecy of the League of Shadows from Batman Begins. The result was Honour, a low budget passion project filled with practical gore and close-quarters choreography. The production process had it’s fair share of hardships, but it was an absolute blast to produce."

- Glen Harris (Director)

Outside the Spotlight says: 'Honour' cites a number of features behind its inspiration and it is quite clear to see each of their influences on this old-school action short. The cinematography reminiscent of the likes of 'John Wick', Marvel's Netflix shows and 2012's 'The Sweeney' and the brutal, hard-hitting action in the vein of 'Ninja Assassin' and South Korea's 'The Villainess' (2017).

The plot is fairly straight forward but 'Honour' isn't looking to break any new grounds but rather a sit-back-and-relax throwback revenge movie that knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be. The ninja twist however does provide the short some space to stand on its own and provide a familiar yet unique experience that is dark, brutal, bloody and plenty of fun.



Directed and edited by Glen Harris

Written and produced by Glen Harris and Mike Carr

Director of photography: Krishna Muthurangu (Instagram)

Camera operator: Adam Opie (Instagram)

Music by Nigel Lowe

Choreography by Mike Carr and Richard Blackburn

Makeup, SFX and props by Andrew Glazebrook (Instagram)

Sound by Becky Roberts, Nick Parker and Brendan Ratlaff

Costumes by Dennis Baer and Mike Carr

Production Assistants:

Cameron Mitchell

Sam Dickenson (Instagram)

Stephen Smyth

Joe Costigan

Laura Liubancaite


Mike Carr

Martin Daniel Smith as the boss

Amy Telford as the wife

Scott Eason as the ninja

George McCluskey as the clan leader

Harriet Ghost as the assassin (Instagram)

Also starring:

Micky McGregor

Kiran Pande

Richard Blackbrun

Dennis Baer

Aaron Turnbull

<Visit Under The Lens>

Official YouTube (includes original films, behind the scenes, movie breakdowns and more!)

Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES for Honour below:

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