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WATCH: 'BILL' (2019), a short horror film by Sketchbook Pictures

Updated: May 21, 2021

A widow employs the dark arts to see her husband once more.

The film is a DIY Self Funded short film inspired by the Ghost our two young sons would talk to in the ceiling called ‘Bill’.

Shot in 1 day with a small crew.

Shot on Sony FS5, Edited in Adobe Premier, VFX in After Effects.

Outside the Spotlight says: Very simple yet genuinely chilling. With a fantastic performance by Roxanna Vilk who has perhaps one of the most expressive horror faces seen since the likes of Shelley Duvall, 'BILL' is brilliantly put together and leaves you wishing its 3 minutes was just the opener.



Mayhem Film Festival 2019

Encounters Film Festival 2019

Daily Short Pick - Film Shortage


Writer/Director/Producer: Dan Gitsham & Sophie Mair

(Dan Gitsham official LinkedIn)

Art Director/Costume: Sophie Mair

Director of Photography: Tomoi Summers

(Official website)

Sound/Music: Dave Colebrook

Editor: Dan Gitsham & James Taggart

VFX: Matt Harris-Freeth & Neil Giles

(Matt Harris-Freeth official website)

Camera Assistant: Jack Hayter

(Official website)

Production Assistant: Kate Fairhurst


Roxanna Vilk

(Official website)

Chris Bianchi

Hugo Stanbury

< Visit Sketchbook Pictures >

Official website

Official Instagram

Official Twitter

Official Vimeo

Official YouTube

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