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WATCH: 'Eye 4 an Eye' (2020), a short anti-knife crime film by Studio 7 Films

A socially confused teenager finds himself in a gang initiation, peer-pressured into a situation he never wanted to be a part of.

Outside the Spotlight says: A dark and gritty social commentary on a problem that is consistently on the rise in the UK. Professionally shot and with a tone similar to that of the Britain's 'Hood' trilogy, 'Eye 4 an Eye' delivers a powerful and important message led by strong performances.



Best UK Short Film Best Short Film - 2020 Lift-Off Global Network, London

Jury Prize Best Short Film - 2020 London Independent Film Awards

January Award Best Short Film - 2020 Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards


Director: Joshy Lee

Writers: Emilio Salerno & Joshy Lee

Producer: Luciano D'amato

Associate Producer: Jon-Paul Gates

Director of Photography: Joshy Lee

Composer: Jake Moore & Natt Moore


Sam Toller

Emilio Salerno

Cyran Vergara

Abdul-Ahad Patel

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