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WATCH: 'Risorgimento' (2020), a short drama film by Trace Walker.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Lance, a young man struggling to find peace within his own mind, is taken on a journey that will make you think twice. Reality seems to expand when Lance wakes up in a foreign room with only a chair and a TV screen. Lance must figure out how and why he’s in the room and more importantly, if he can make it out.

“A man awakens in a foreign space and is forced to face his demons. A journey that will make you question the constraints of time and life itself.”

Outside the Spotlight says: A very interesting look into somebody's battle with their own inner demons. Wonderfully metaphoric and with a certain melancholic tone throughout, 'Risorgimento' succeeds in being highly engaging as we navigate its narrative puzzle.


Aiden Dalton

Emmy Rice


Director: Trace Walker

Director of Photography: Nick Lancianese

Lighting, audio: Will Jossart

Electric: Thomas Williams

BTS / slate: Josie Wright

Stylist: Rachel Whelan



Mill St Studio

Find Trace Walker!

RISE AGAIN- KHARI- An original song based on 'Risorgimento.'

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