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WATCH: 'What She Saw' (2020), a short drama film by Over the Moon Pictures.

One moment can change a lifetime. What She Saw is a story of existential crisis & redemption from the perspective of a young woman teetering on the edge of self destruction.

"This project is a passion piece from everyone involved & was a pleasure to develop & nurture. As an independent filmmaker, finding the right story & people to bring it to life is imperative."

- Khyle Manby-Evans (writer/director)

Outside The Spotlight says: A wonderfully moody tale of somebody who is on the edge being reminded of the harsh realities that may lie ahead. With great performances and an atmospheric soundtrack, 'What She Saw' is something you should see!



Short Films Review Festival 2020.


Sofia Kyriacou

Gurps Sidhu

Michelle Jennings

Jasna Anderson

Darran Manby

Rosie Tudor

Chelsea Jones.


Written & Directed: Khyle Manby-Evans

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