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PREVIEW: 'Re-Rehab' (2019), a short thriller film by Xylograph Films.

Updated: May 21, 2021

A man, desperate to find his wife after her disappearance, searches for answers through the very technology that may have caused her disappearance in the first place.

Outside The Spotlight says: A highly atmospheric and gritty tale of having loved, lost and never recovered. With an ominous tone, moody cinematography and fantastic performances.



JellyFEST - Season 5 (2019)

Toronto International Film Festival 2019

The New Jersey Recovery Film Festival 2019

Trinity Detroit International Film Festival 2019

Buffalo International Film Festival 2019

REEL Recovery Film Festival 2019

Direct Short Film Festival 2019

Buffalo Fantastic Film Festival 2019


Directed, Cinematography, Edited by: Daeil Kim

Written by: Daeil Kim and Melanie Sudyn

Produced by: Melanie Sudyn 

<Please visit Xylograph Films> 

INSTAGRAM: @xylograph.films

FACEBOOK: Xylograph Films

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